The Danish Refugee Council

Introduction to the Danish Refugee Council

The Danish Refugee Council is a private humanitarian organisation that works independently of the authorities in Denmark.

The Danish Refugee Council offers free legal advice to asylum seekers.  Because we are a private organisation, we are unable to change the status of your case – only the appropriate Danish authorities can do that.

What we can do is offer personal legal advice, and we can answer any questions you have regarding the practice, procedures and rules relevant to the Danish asylum system.

All of our case officers have a duty of confidentiality. This means that we are not allowed to pass on to the authorities any information relating to matters that we discuss with you. Our meetings with you are private.

You can find more information about the Danish Refugee Council HERE:


Danish Refugee Council activities at Kærshovedgård Departure Centre

If you are living at Kærshovedgård, then you have received a final rejection of your asylum application.

As a rejected asylum seeker you are entitled to a personal advisory meeting where you have the opportunity to discuss your case, receive legal advice and discuss any issues or questions that are important to you in connection with returning to your own country.

If necessary, we will arrange for a translator to be present at the meeting.

How can I get in contact with DRC?

If you live at Kærshovedgård, and wish to have a meeting with the Danish Refugee Council, you can:

Contact us directly by telephone at: 3373 5000
Our phones are open from
8:30 – 16:00 Monday – Thursday
8:30 – 15:30 Friday

Send an e-mail to:
Please include your Id Number.

Contact Danish Red Cross in Building 5. They can forward your request to us.

Contact the Prison and Probation Service staff in Building 3.  They can forward your request to us.

When is the Danish Refugee Council office at Kærshovedgård open?

The Danish Refugee Council visits Kærshovedgård on Tuesday every second week – on even-numbered weeks.
We are there from 10:00 – 14:00
There will be a note in the window of our office, where you can see when we are at the centre next time.

When we are there, we usually have scheduled meetings with residents at the centre.

You are welcome to stop by our office. If we don’t have a translator, or do not have the time to talk with you at once, we will schedule a meeting with you at a later time.

Udrejsecenter Kærshovedgård | Kærshovedgård 17, 7430 Ikast  | Tlf.: 72556100